Fall: A time to rest into the now

Yesterday I spent the day up in Teton National Park with my family.  We took it easy, and did so because…well we forgot my son’s shoes.  Oh yes.  We brought two extra jackets for him, but no shoes.  At first I felt my temper rise and my finger extend to blame my husband.  Of course it was HIS fault.  But in time, and with a gentle nudge from my dear friend, I settled into the reality.  We had forgotten his shoes, and therefore we were going to be taking it easy today.  We allowed him to walk barefoot, and feel the earth beneath his feet.  We even found a moment to joke about it.

Through it all, it was a nice reminder that Fall is a time to really be in the now.  To take in the fleeting golden illumination of the Aspens, and rest in sheer beauty of the Earth as it prepares for the long winter ahead.

The fall equinox is this weekend: Sunday September 21st.  Encourage yourself to move a bit slower, linger a bit longer in the woods, and settle peacefully in to exactly what IS.  For just like the golden leaves falling one by one, what ever IS will surely change.

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