So what! How does Yoga help?

As you can see Yoga is not just about stretching!  But still you ask, so what…what am I going to get out of this practice!?  Is it really a therapy?  Yoga is a science of experience, and therefore depends on ones willingness to practice.  When you decide to practice, then over time you will experience transformation on many levels.   Yoga is a lifestyle, a consciousness, and as it becomes apart of you, change and healing will take place.  But, like most important life skills, this is a process that requires dedication and faithfulness.

 Some of the many documented benefits of yoga include:

• improves current health and well-being

• prevents illness and injury

• increases flexibility and strength

• reduces pain and discomfort related to a wide range of various chronic ailments or conditions

• helps overcome physical or emotional trauma

• assists in recovery from illness, injury, addiction, and other health concerns

• alleviates stress and stress-related problems

• can stabilize mental and emotional challenges and help ease depression, anxiety

• helps in managing and coping with life-threatening illness

• can support women through many life changes, including: PMS, pregnancy, and menopause

• enhances quality of life and improvement of relationships

• increases attention and focus

• increases energy and vitality

• improves personal and professional productivity

• guides in the process of self discovery and personal transformation

• provides an avenue for spiritual growth

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