Praise for Molly:

“Molly’s new moon yoga class was both refreshing and deeply nourishing. Her unique blend of chanting, ritual directed practice, and gentle inward reflection left me feeling balanced and aligned. There is power and healing in sinking up with the moon and her cycles as women. I am grateful to have the opportunity to gather each month with women, to honor the moon, and to turn inward and align both physically and spiritually. Thank you Molly for this beautiful gift to our community.”

– Karey Baker, Boulder, Colorado

“This letter is a recommendation for Molly Armour as a yoga instructor. I have been a student of her Healing Yoga class for over 2 years and in that time have found her to be a consistently gifted and unique yoga teacher.  Molly is able to teach a wide range of students with various problems. She has always been very willing and able to modify any practice to my or others’ needs. She often sees a modification that I hadn’t known would make the asana so much better for me. She is clear in how she presents the practice and does so in various ways. She stays in touch with students’ needs and is willing to change a focus of a class she has prepared as students warrant it. Molly also presents a wide range of yoga practices beyond asanas such as various breathing techniques, meditation, and chanting. There are a tremendous number of yoga studios in the Boulder area and in my search for a good match I have not experienced anything as unique , fitting and deeply unique as Molly’s Healing class. This yoga class has a continued and profound impact on my daily life. Molly always makes herself available after class and by email to answer questions, hear concerns or just listen and respond to comments. I am very grateful to have her in my life.”

– Linda Diamond, Lafayette, Colorado

“I attended Molly’s Healing Yoga classes in Colorado for two years. I have taken yoga classes on and off for more then 20 years from many instructors. Molly is an excellent yoga instructor, one of the best (no, the best). She is very knowledgeable and brought a lot of variety plus personal attention. She was aware of each student’s needs, and varied positions to accommodate their, and my, individual health issues. Sessions had a theme, thought, or beautiful image – many still come to mind. She had a plan but adapted easily to the needs of the group that day. Our relaxations were made especially peaceful by her wonderful chanting and warm thoughts.”

-Vi Raben, Erie, Colorado

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