An introduction

Hello! Let me introduce myself, my name is Molly Armour.

I am a seeker.  I am concerned with Truth, Love, and Authenticity.  I am emphatic, for I am familiar with both my joy and my sorrow. I have traversed landscapes of light, love, and hope as well as darkness, fear, and anger.  I am here to support you in your journey home, to your self where the sacred and the profane intersect.  

I am a Yogi.  A human being with awakening awareness.  

And by Yogi I mean, one who lives from their heart center, one who aims for the NOW moment as the most precious jewel of all existence.   After almost 17 years of wondering the Yoga Path, I finally feel confident enough to claim this Yogi status.  And that is not because I have mastered this journey, but that I have both feet fully committed to my Self and my process.   The postures, the breathwork, the meditation, the stillness, and the philosophy support me in my alignment with my wild authenticity.  That I am a spiritual being having a human experience, and I have a choice in how I identify with each moment. Every day, I return to gratitude to full my experience of the present moment.   I live my Yoga through my daily experiences, my emotional wisdom, and in the wisdom of stillness.   And when I stray from my center, I return to the foundation of practice: breath, attention, movement, yields stillness and connection to Self.   

 I am a teacher.  I know what I know from experience, and when I work with you I will show up completely and accept you exactly as you are.  I will do my best to reflect back to you your light, so you feel empowered again to see clearly. 

Most people I meet feel as if they have met me before.   I carry a familiarity with my presence that allows people to open up and feel safe.   By using appropriate humor, presence, and listening I am able to meet each person exactly as they are.   I am an effective Yoga Therapist because I am able to form trusting relationships with my clients.   It is my hope that I can support you in accessing your own inner silence, so you may rise to meet life moment to moment with courage and grace. 

As a teacher, I speak from my experiences, from the wisdom I have found in silence, and from many years of receiving teachings from an array of teachers.   The teachers who have moved me in this tradition are Kate Holcombe, Chase Bossart, Amy Wheeler, and Dolphi Wertenbaker.  All of whom are connected deeply to TKV Desikachar, so although I never met or studied with him in person, I feel as though I am intimately connected to him through the hearts of these teachers.   

I have also been shaped and inspired by Buddhism, the Vipassana, Mahayana, and Zen.  I am grateful for these experiences for it helped me understand the nature of my mind, consciousness, the nature of existence and suffering, and the wisdom that arises in “silence.” 

I am a mother.  My son is 8 years old, and is my most revered teacher.   He tests my ability to stay in the present moment, to act from pause rather than reaction, to play, and to remain curious even in the most challenging moments.  

Since 2009, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali began actively shaping and reshaping my perception.  In 2011, Kate Holcombe became my mentor.  It was at this time, that I began an in-depth study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  Each week, I would bring my life under the microscope of the text as to help me understand my mind, my essence, why I suffer, why I react, who I am, and how to come closer to freedom.  Sutra by sutra, story by story, tear by tear, week by week we reviewed the sutras as they apply to me, as they applied to kate, and how they apply to the greater experience of being human.  This relationship with Kate, the Sutras, and my Self has carried me through many challenging life transitions.    I am deeply grateful for this tradition that upholds mentorship and relationship as the cornerstone of personal growth and spiritual transformation.

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