Yoga Instruction and Yoga Therapy sessions available.

Yoga with Molly Armour is a refreshing and nurturing practice.  She draws upon her direct experience, ancient philosophy, āsana (postures), praṇāyāma (conscious breathing techniques), Bhavana (intention & visualization), chanting and meditation to facilitate a profound experience of Yoga for YOU.  This approach to Yoga harmonizes the entire body, from the muscles to the autonomic nervous system to the mind. She is trained to tailor yoga to meet the needs of each student, even in a group setting.  Leave all your preconceived notions of Yoga at home, and prepare yourself for a new experience.  

One on one & small group Zoom sessions available:

Tuesday & Thursdays


The Yoga Therapy process requires a minimum of 4 sessions.

Session 1: 90 min. Intake

Session 2-4: 60 min. follow up

Sliding scale of $75-$200/hour