Developing a Personal Practice

A new experience of Private Yoga

The most effective way to bring about healing and transformation in individuals is working in a one on one setting. When I work one-on-one with an individual it is not just private yoga instruction.  It is the development of a healing relationship that will bring about transformation through conversation, application of yogic tools, and co-creation of a personal practice.  The client then has a personalized practice to do every day, to continue the work and healing on their own.

This is Yoga as Therapy.

And yoga fundamentally is about self-empowerment. 

Developing a personal practice:  Yoga as Therapy

Working one on one with me is an opportunity to co-create a personal practice designed to support and heal you in whatever stage of life you are in.   A personal practice empowers you with yogic tools to help you nurture, heal, and reconnect with your Self every day.  Life is one large transition, and it is helpful to have a simple, efficient daily practice that will help you stay anchored in your Self so that you are able to face every moment with courage, openness, and honesty.   With practice one is able to connect with themselves on a deep level every day, and in turn, is able to accept and honor oneself in a more nurturing way.  Practice increases our capacity to live life as we want and leave what is not serving us behind gracefully. 

Developing a personal practice takes place over three sessions: 

1) The intake or interview 1.5-2 hours:

Prior to our session, I will send you a simple intake form to help me prepare for our session.  In this session, we will get to know one another. I will listen to your personal narrative, what blocks you, what pains you, and how you want to transform in your life. I will observe your breathing and your physical posture.  I will teach you a few basics around breath and attention.  From this experience, we will begin to co-create a daily practice, a relationship to ritual that may be as simple as lighting a candle or rising at dawn.  You will walk home with something to practice or contemplate.

2) The practice 1 hour: This session should be scheduled within a week.  In this session, I will teach you the practice.  We will make refinements as needed, and I will answer any questions you may have.  

In between sessions, if any questions, aha moments, or concerns arise I encourage you to email me.

3) Observation and refinement: This session should be scheduled after at least 3 weeks of daily practice.  Here I will observe you doing the practice and then we will discuss your experience. If the practice needs altering, I will do so at this time.  

Then we will be in email and/or phone contact and will schedule mentoring appointments as needed.  

Investment:  $350

Financial aid available.


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